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Welcome to Ellie's resource/guide center! Here you can find a detailed guide to Ellie's features so you can get the most from the app.

What is Ellie?

Ellie is a beautiful daily planning app.

Why was this built?

Ellie is currently built by a solo-developer (Chris Raroque) as a fun personal project.

Who should use it?

If you've used your calendar to timeblock your day, Ellie is for you.

If you get overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do each day, Ellie is for you.

If you've tried productivity systems like GTD but they didn't work exactly with your workflow, Ellie is for you.

If you've developed your own system (whether it be a Notion doc or a spread sheet) to plan your day, Ellie is for you.

If you like beautiful software, Ellie is for you.

Why should I use it over Notion, Todoist, Sunsama, Akiflow, etc...

If you use Notion, Airtable, Clickup, Asana

These are great tools but are built to handle very generic use cases. Ellie has features specifically built for daily planning and time management. Examples include the "Infinite" Kanban week view and the Timebox with Google/Apple calendar integration.

Yes, you can probably retrofit these tools to fit Ellie's flow but it will feel very "hacky" to get all the functionality.

If you use Sunsama, Akiflow, etc...

All of these tools are great and each have their own take on what a good daily planning app is. Ellie was actually based on Sunsama and still caries over a lot of Sunsama's originally design for certain core features.

However, there are a few differences between Ellie and these other tools. Here are the biggest:

  1. No need to link your calendar. Sunsama, Akiflow and other tools require you to connect your Google/Outlook calendar to use the app. You can use Ellie (and even the timeblocking feature) completely separately from your calendar. If you want, you can optionally integrate your calendar later.

  2. Native and feature rich iPhone/iPad app. The majority of Ellie features are available on our iOS apps. We also have one of the best time blocking experiences among any iOS app.

  3. All the little details - From the way we put an emphasis on the "Brain dump" to the flexibility of Ellie lists, there are many little details we regularly receive praise for

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