🍎Apple calendar integration

Ellie x Apple calendar

By default, the Ellie timebox is completely separate from any external calendars. However, for users who want to integrate their Apple calendar into Ellie there are a few options.

Note that the Apple cal integration for iOS and Web/Mac require different setup processes

Overlay Apple calendar events

You can overlay Apple calendar events directly on your timebox alongside Ellie tasks. This is useful when trying to plan your tasks around scheduled meetings/events.

How does it work?


On iOS, you can go to: Settings -> Connected Calendars -> Manage Apple calendars and turn "Enable Apple cal events" on.

The Apple calendar integration for iOS requires your Apple calendar to be connected to the Apple calendar app. This is because we pull events directly from the device


The web/desktop version of Ellie is a bit more tricky. You need to follow a few steps to enable calendars. Go to Settings -> Calendars -> Connect Apple calendar account

Apple requires an app-specific password to connect to iCloud. You can generate an app-specific password at https://appleid.apple.com/.

Check out our tutorial about iCloud accounts for more information

Once connected, you'll be able to view your calendars and also change their colors by clicking the "3-dot" menu on the right when you hover over the calendar.

The ability to change colors will only impact the Ellie calendar color and will not reflect back on your Apple calendar

Limitations (editing/2-way sync)

You can move around and delete Apple calendar events, but you cannot edit any other info at this time.

2-way syncing similar to Google calendar (Linking Ellie tasks to Apple calendar events) is not supported at this time but could be added in the future.

If you would like to see further functionality, you can request it on our feedback board!

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