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Due dates

A way to make sure you're on track

What are due dates in Ellie?

Ellie due dates are a way to make sure you stay on track when it comes to completing tasks on time.
Due date indicators on tasks
When due dates are enabled on Ellie, a new section is also added that shows you tasks with upcoming and past due dates. This is a great way to visualize things you missed and things that are upcoming without having to scroll throughout the board to find them
Due date section in Ellie

How to enable due dates?

Ellie is considered a "Power feature" and not enabled by default. You can enable this by going to "Power features" in settings and toggling it on for your account.
Enabling due dates in Ellie

Due date settings

At the moment, there is only one setting you can toggle when it comes to due dates. You can change the amount of time required for a due date indicator to be shown on the card.
This is great if you want to minimize information on the board and only show due dates when most relevant. You can access this in Settings -> Due dates
Due date settings

Why are due dates off by default?

The due dates feature added a few settings and UI elements (such as the new toggle and due date section on the left hand side) and had the potential to confuse new users.
A primary value props of Ellie is a clean/minimal interface that is immediately easy to understand. This feature had the potential to conflict with that, so the decision was made to create it but keep it off by default.
If there is enough usage though, it has the potential to be turned on by default in the future!