🔁Recurring tasks

Tasks that you want to repeat

When should I use this?

Recurring tasks should be used when you want a task to repeat at a regular interval.

Common use cases:

  1. Morning/Evening routines

  2. Recurring weekly meetings you need to prepare for

  3. House chores

  4. Bill payments

How to use it

You can make any task a recurring by clicking the "recurring" icon on the task card (or by clicking "Does not repeat" in the task modal)

You can customize the repeat interval of the task and there is even a "Custom..." option if the pre-set options don't fit your workflow.

Auto-timeboxing recurring tasks

If you want to repeat the task at a specific time each day (which is great to auto-timebox the task), you can enable the "At a specific time?" option

How to update a recurring task

There are 2 things to note when updating a recurring task. When you update a recurring task, it will only update that specific instance.

To update other tasks, you can click the "Update all incomplete tasks to match this task" in the recurring task dropdown menu

This will make all non-completed tasks match that task.

Let's say you have a recurring task that has 5 subtasks and you decide to add a 6th. You can simply click "Update all incomplete tasks to match this taks" and now all tasks that haven't been completed will be updated to include that 6th subtask.

On iOS, whenever you update a recurring task, you will be asked if you want to update only that instance of the task or all incomplete tasks

How to delete a recurring task

When you delete a recurring task, only that task will be deleted.

To delete all instances of a task, you can have 2 options:

  1. If you want to delete all FUTURE instances, you can click "Stop repeating"

  2. If you want to delete ALL instances (including this one), click "Delete all instances"

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