📩Email -> Task

Email tasks directly into Ellie 🤯

What is this?

You can actually forward emails directly into Ellie (they will be created into tasks and the emails attached directly)

Video walkthrough

How to use it

  1. Go to Settings -> Power features -> Email forwarding and enable the feature

  2. You'll be given 2 email addresses, one to forward tasks into the Braindump and one to forward tasks into Today

  3. Copy that email and simply forward any email you want into Ellie. The task should appear within a few seconds (no refresh needed)

You can see a task has an email attached to it if you see this email icon on the task card

Anyone that has this forwarding address can add tasks to your account. Do not share it with anyone

Attach labels to the task

You can quickly add a label to a task by including it in the email subject with brackets (example: [Personal] or [Admin work]).

Ellie will auto detect the label in the subject line, extract it and add the relevant label. We will remove the label/brackets from the task description.

It is case insensitive, but the spelling must be exactly the same as the label. If no labels are found, then nothing will happen.

If there are multiple labels (example: "task name [personal] [work]") then only the first will be extracted and the second will be ignored.


  1. Can I click on an email and open it in Gmail/Outlook/etc...

    1. Unfortunately this is not possible due to a technical limitation. The email clients don't give me any way to deteremine what kind of client an email came from.

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