💼Outlook calendar integration

Ellie x Outlook Calendar

By default, the Ellie timebox is completely separate from any external calendars. However, for users who want to integrate their Outlook calendar into Ellie there are a few options

All of these settings below can also be found on the iOS app ✌️

How it works

There are 2 ways you can integrate Outlook calendar into Ellie

1. Only overlay Outlook calendar events

Choose this if you want to show Outlook calendar events in your Ellie timebox, but you don't want Ellie tasks to appear inside your Outlook calendar.

This is great if you simply want to know what meetings/events you have while you timebox your day.

This is the default behavior when you link a Outlook calendar to Ellie

To use this mode, simply keep the "Add Ellie tasks to Outlook calendar" unchekced

2. Add Ellie tasks to Outlook calendar

If you click the setting above, Ellie tasks will be added to your Outlook calendar as events.

These tasks will also be synced, so any changes you make to a task will reflect in the event (and the other way around).

When you enable the setting above you will see 2 options:

  1. Add tasks to Outlook calendar

  2. Add tasks to Outlook calendar, but keep them private.

Selecting the second option will set the title of the events to "Busy" in Outlook calendar.

Select this option if you want people to see time blocked on your Calendar but not the title of the task.

You can also change the default calendar that events will be added to (screenshot above).

Note changing the default calendar will not make previously timeboxed tasks use that calendar. Only future timeboxed tasks will be affected

At this time, there is no way to timebox to multiple Outlook calendars based on the label but there is an open feedback item you can vote on if you want to see this in the future.

Editing Outlook calendar events within Ellie

There are a few actions you can take on Outlook calendar events within Ellie:

  1. Updating the time of the event (simply drag or resize the event to update it)

  2. Deleting the event (click the event -> click the trash icon in the top right)

If you want to edit the event in any other way, there is a "Open event in Outlook calendar" button at the top right of the event pop up.

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