Zapier Integration

Integrate Ellie with thousands of other tools, no coding required

How to access the integration

You can access the integration here. Please note that this is just the beginning and if there is anything you would like to see in the future please reach out to!

What is this?

Zapier allows you to connect Ellie with thousands of different apps. Our Zapier integration allows 2 types of actions and 2 types of triggers:


  1. Creating an Ellie task

  2. Update an Ellie task


  1. Ellie task completed

  2. Ellie task created

Example use cases

Using actions:

  1. Email favorited in Outlook → Create task in Ellie to reply

  2. Task completion in Trello or Asana → Update progress status of corresponding task in Ellie

  3. New entry in Notion → Create a new task in Ellie

  4. New lead in Salesforce → Create task in Ellie to reach out

  5. Mentioned in Slack → Create a task in Ellie to respond

Using triggers:

  1. Task completed -> Send an email to fulfill shopfiy order

  2. Task completed -> Update Asana task

  3. Task created -> Create a notion page

  4. Task created -> Send a status update email

How to use the feature

When you create a Zap in Zapier, everything should be straightforward. However, you will need to authenticate your Ellie account. You will be greeted with this screen asking you for an Ellie API Token.

To generate your token, Go to Settings -> Toggle power features -> API Token and enable API access.

Once enabled, you can go to API token (step 3 above) and then you can generate a new API Token to be used in Zapier.

Once you link your account, you can choose the action as either "Create" or "Update" task.

If you chose "Create task in Ellie" for example, you can then choose from a number of different fields to populate (see below on how the Label name and List name fields work).

Label and List name fields

The way the label and list name fields work is by finding a list/label with the exact name typed into that field. So if you have a label called "Work", you could simply write "Work" or "work" (case doesn't matter) into the field.

If you have multiple labels or lists with the same name, we will pick one to use.

If a label or list does not exist, one will be created

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