🚩Task priority

A way to quickly visualize the importance of a task

What is task priority in Ellie?

Task priority allows you to add an indicator to a task to specify priority of a task

Setting a task priority in Ellie

Once a priority is set on a task, you'll see a small colored indicator that indicates the priority of the task. This is helpful to see at a glance what you should be prioritizing when planning out your day.

This feature is also available on iOS as well!

How to enable task priority

Task priority is off by default and can be enabled by going to "Power features" -> "Enable task priority"

Once enabled, you will see a new task priority option appear when creating a task

Enabling the task priority power feature

The future of this feature

At the moment this feature is very simple but in the future I plan on adding the ability to:

  1. Sort tasks by priority (among other things)

  2. Customize the priority options

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