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Estimated/Actual time

Time features to help you manage your day

What is estimated time?

The estimated time on a task represents the estimated time you think it will take you to complete a task.
The estimated time lives on this chip on each card, and clicking it exposes a dropdown menu where you can view the Actual time, estimated time and a play button to start timing a task.
You can also access this when you click a task directly from the task modal.
Here are a few ways you can leverage "Estimated time" in tasks:

A way to gauge capacity

You can get a gauge of how packed your day is and if you are over-capacity or can take on more work. We display the total amount of "estimated time" at the top of each column inside the "Add a task" card

See how accurate you are at estimated

Combined with the "Actual time", the estimated time can give you a look into how accurate you are at estimated times.
This data is also used in the Analytics feature to display a breakdown of your "Estimated vs Actual" time spent
This is also great if you want to see "Where am I spending time?" we use estimated time to show you a breakdown

What is actual time?

Actual time is similar to estimated time but is the actual time it took you to complete the task.
You can fill this out manually if you track your time outside of Ellie (or have a rough estimated), but we recommend using the built in task timer feature in Ellie to do this automatically for you.
When you complete a task and there is no "actual time" already set, we will automatically set it as the "estimated time"