📅The Timebox

Drag tasks directly onto your calendar

What is timeboxing (or timeblocking)?

In Ellie, timeboxing is the act of adding tasks onto the calendar to plan your day.

Separate from your actual calendar (or not)

Unlike many apps that support timeboxing, Ellie doesn't require you to connect your actual calendar to use it.

So if you are someone who just wants to timebox, but don't want tasks to appear in your Google/Outlook/Apple calendar, Ellie is perfect.

However, for those that do want tasks to appear in their Google calendar, we do offer a Google calendar integration. You can learn more about it here 👇

For Apple calendar users, we allow you to overlay Apple calendar events on the iPhone/iPad app (web/Mac coming soon). You can learn more about it here 👇

Outlook/Office 365 support is coming in the future, if you would like to see this come sooner and get updates, please upvote this feedback item 👀

Working with multiple calendars

If you want to display multiple calendars on your timebox, you can do so by clicking the calendar icon in the bottom right of the timebox.

You can toggle calendars on/off by clicking the name directly

Week view

If you prefer to view your entire week at once in the Timebox, you can switch to "Calendar" view which makes the Timebox the focus of the app rather than the Kanan. The Ellie Kanban is moved to the right side and only displays a single day.

You can drag tasks directly onto this calendar as well.

Month view

Month view (along with a number of other views) is currently being worked on. You can upvote this feedback item to get an email update once its released

Calendar settings

There are a few calendar settings that you can update to further customize the timebox/calendar experience in Ellie:

  1. Change the week start day (default is Sunday, but some users prefer Monday)

  2. Ability to hide weekends

  3. Ability to hide declined events

  4. Ability to change the time increment in the calendar (helpful if you need more granular increments when timeboxing)

If you have any setting suggestions, please request them on our feedback board!

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