📅Mac calendar menu bar

Quickly view your calendar events from the Mac menu bar

If you are unable to see the menu bar, please note that it can be hidden behind the Notch if you have a Macbook with that feature. You will have to get rid of other icons on the right to make sure that it has enough room to be visible. TIP: You can hold down CMD and drag the menu bar to the right to make sure it is always visible.

What is this feature?

If you're on the Mac, Ellie automatically adds a menu bar item at the top right of your screen so you can quickly glance and see upcoming calendar events.

If there is a Zoom or Google meet link attached to the event, a button to join the meeting will also appear.

How to disable the feature

You can disable the menu bar item by going into Settings -> General Settings -> Calendar/Kanban Settings and toggling "Enable Tray menu" to off


Is this on by default?

Yes. If you have trouble seeing it, check the note at the top of the page^

Can I add events/tasks from this menu?

Not at this time. However, this feature is just a v1 and I plan to add many improvements to it over time. If you have any suggestions, please add them to our feedback board!

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