A breakdown of how you spend your time

Here are some common ways people use Ellie's analytics feature to get a better sense of where they are spending their time.

How am I spending my time (by label)?

The first chart shows a breakdown of where you spend your time broken down by label. This is great to get a sense of how you spend your time.

This can be good to see if you need to start shifting focus to other areas or if you are on the right track.

By default, we use "# of tasks" to calculate time spend. However, you can click the filter in the top right corner to change this to use "estimated time" instead. Hovering over a piece of the chart will show you the time spent on that tasks with that label

Actual vs Estimated time

There are 2 ways to view this:

  1. First, we have a quick chart to show you how your actual time compares to your estimate. This is great if you want to quickly see "Am I good at estimating time?"

  2. The second is a chart so you can actually compare your actual vs estimated time broken down by task side by side. In the screenshot below, it looks like I'm relatively accurate at estimating things but tend to complete things slightly faster than I expected. And day over day this looks pretty consistent.

    1. You can use this view to figure out if there are specific types of tasks that you are good or bad at estimating

Average Brain dump task age

You can see what the average task age is in your Brain dump and take action if needed.

This is helpful because if this age is too high, then it probably signals that there are tasks that can be removed. It's recommended to clean out your Brain dump (And lists in general) every few weeks.

You can click the "Needs attention" button to pull up a table that shows you a list of tasks in the Braindump, sorted by age, and the ability to bulk delete (or mark as complete) items that are no longer relevant.

Filter analytics by label

If you only want to see analytics for certain tasks, you can filter the entire view by label. This is helpful if you want to only see Analytics for "work" related tasks for example.

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