👋Slack integration

Create an Ellie task from a Slack message

What can the integration do?

At the moment, you can use the integration to create a task from a message. Simply click the "more menu" located to the right of any task and a "Create a task" option should appear.

Once you click "Create a task", a modal should appear that lets you add details before adding it as a task. You can even add it directly to a list!

Once a task is created, you'll see a new slack icon appear on the task as well as a deep link to go directly to the message.

How do I connect it?

  1. Go to settings -> Integrations

  2. Click "Connect" on the slack integration to connect your workspace

  3. Once connected, you should see the dropdown in slack that allows you to create a task from a message

How can I disconnect the integration?

  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Slack -> Manage connections and click "Revoke access" on the workspace

Frequently asked questions

Can I connect multiple workspaces?

Yes. After connecting your first workspace, you can click "Manage" and then you will see the option to connect another workspace

Future plans for this feature?

As of now, I don't have any other plans for this feature except improving the "Create task" functionality by supporting things like attachments. If you have any ideas, please request them on our feedback board!

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