🐹iOS Widgets

Add Ellie to your home screen 🥳

Ellie supports 3 different types of widgets on iOS so you can quickly see things like tasks/calendar events at a glance. They work on both iPhone and iPad!

The task widget

The task widget lets you quickly see your incomplete tasks. You can choose to show tasks from:

  1. Today

  2. The Braindump

  3. Any list

To switch which between lists, hold down the widget -> click edit and you should see a dropdown of different lists to choose from.

The calendar widget

The calendar widget shows you upcoming events from your timebox/calendar on your homescreen.

We pull both calendar events and timeboxed tasks into the widget!

The "Todos left" widget

This is a small fun widget meant to give you a gentle reminder about how many tasks you have left for the day.

As the day goes on, the widget and Ellie (the hamster the app is named after) slowly change depending on how many tasks and time there are left in the day.

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