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Keyboard shortcuts

Ellie has a number of keyboard shortcuts so you can easily access common actions without using your mouse.

You can access them at any time in 2 ways:

  1. Settings -> Keyboard shortcuts

  2. With the keyboard shortcut "?" anywhere within the app

Some commonly used shortcuts are (updating the label of a task and editing the estimated time)

If you have any keyboard shortcuts you would like to see (or any we can improve on) please add a feedback item on our feedback board!

Bulk edit (and move) tasks

On the web/desktop app you can select multiple tasks at once by holding down "SHIFT" and selecting the tasks. Once you do this a new "bulk action" bar will appear at the bottom of the app. You can perform a few actions in bulk to the tasks (like completing or deleting them).

You can also drag these tasks to any other date or list in bulk.

Bulk actions are not supported in the timebox. You cannot bulk timebox tasks either

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