⏱️Task timer

Keep track of how long a task takes

You can keep track of how long a task takes by using the built in timer function in Ellie. When a task is done being timed, we'll also the time to the "actual time" of the task

How to start a timer

There are 2 ways to start a timer. From the task card (by clicking the estimated time dropdown) and then the task modal by clicking the "Start timer" button next to estimated time.

Timers on mobile

Timers function exactly the same on the iOS and iPad app. Except when the timer is expanded you have a beautiful full screen view 👀

Floating timer for desktop

On our desktop app, you can actually choose to enable a floating timer that floats above all browser windows and across all desktops.

To enable it, go to settings -> enable floating timer and then you should see the floating timer appear (if one is running).

Floating timer options

You can customize the experience of the timer in 2 ways:

  1. Auto start timing the next task after task completion

  2. Changing the background image of the timer (more images soon!)

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